At Fix-It Friend, we believe that hanging things on the wall is an art. It takes skill and a keen eye to hang things at the correct height, centred on a wall, or in a group (whether at the same height or in a pattern or abstract placement). We have the tools and the techniques to get the job done right the first time. 

Wall hanging of artwork, heavy mirrors, decorations, and shelving are all regular work we perform in homes, and businesses. We use a combination of picture hooks for light to medium weight pictures, and prefer a french cleat system for heavier objects like big mirrors and art.  We prefer to have two anchor points to the wall as a picture or mirror will be more stable and likely to remain level as it was originally.

To mount any item successfully, we come equipped with an array of fasteners to mount your floating shelf correctly the first time, so it is sturdy and will not fall out of the wall unless overloaded.  

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