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INCLUDING PHOTOS WITH YOUR QUOTE REQUEST IS VITAL! Just because you stare at that hole in the wall every day doesn't mean that we do, and we can't read minds - although that would be awesome! Having a photo of the issue means that we can assess the situation, give you the most accurate quote possible, and bring the right tools for the job. We ask that you attach photos to every request, even if it seems like the most straightforward, simple job. 

Here's an example: "I need a mirror or picture hung". Seems simple, right? But is the wall drywall or concrete? What size is the mirror/picture? How heavy is it? Does it have the proper mounting hardware? All of these things affect the cost of the project and what tools and materials we bring to the job. Including a photo of the mirror and the wall you'd like it hung on would help us to answer some of these questions without having to obtain further clarification. This means you'll receive your quote even faster!

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