OUR Pricing

We know that life can get expensive, but hiring a personable, professional, insured handyman doesn't have to be!

We find that because every project is so different it's difficult to provide one-size-fits-all pricing. For that reason, we ask that you request a quote, and we will provide an estimate with specific pricing based on your project. 


So, HOw do you get your project started?

The best way to start a project with us is to visit our "Get A Quote" page in the navigation bar at the top of the page, or click the "GET A QUOTE" button below. 

1. The Quote Request Form:

We ask you to fill out this form because it enables us to store all your project details in one place and it allows us to provide you with the best possible customer experience. It gives us all the info we need about you and about your project (including photos which are extremely helpful). 

The quote form asks for very basic information about you and your project. The project description should be as detailed as you think necessary to describe your project. If you have photos to accompany your description, it allows us to better anticipate the scope and materials necessary for the project. 

The form is designed to work on any device, such as your phone or tablet, making it more convenient to upload photos straight from the device that took them.

2. After receiving your quote request, we will review your project details and email or call you to discuss your quote.

3. Then we will provide you with an estimate, and upon its acceptance, we will find a mutually convenient time to complete the job.

4. Once the job is complete, you will receive an electronic invoice including a detailed breakdown of the dates, work performed, and cost for materials. Our primary form of payment is via debit or email money transfer. Credit payments, subject to a 5% surcharge, are also available on site.

5. Finally, we hope you'll leave us a review on our Google, Yelp, or Facebook pages, and that you'll come back any time and fill out the form for any subsequent projects you might have!