TV mounting and installation is done by drilling into the wall in your home, office, store, building and using the correct fasteners/anchors to secure the wall portion of the TV mount to the wall. It is critical to mount the TV so that it is perfectly level and at the correct height.  

We work with our clients, on a case by case basis, to determine the most comfortable height for their application. For a home, it might be set lower to watch from the couch; whereas in an office/boardroom it could be higher, as viewers are in their office chairs at a higher viewing point.

If we are mounting the TV into drywall/plaster walls, we would use conventional screws and/or thread-in anchors to solidly attach the TV mount to the wall.  Sometimes we have to drill into concrete using a hammer drill and special masonry drill bits, so that we can use Tapcon concrete fasteners to hold the bracket.  This typically happens in condos where the concrete supporting walls are most often covered in drywall. 

We have found that oftentimes the fasteners included with an average TV mount will have an incomplete array of fasteners to do the job properly.  That's why we always come equipped with a variety of fasteners to get the job done efficiently and safely. This is one of the many aspects which set us apart and leads to greater customer satisfaction - which is our ultimate goal.

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