Probably the most trendy variety in shower heads is the rain shower head.  Rain shower heads usually have larger heads with more holes, so there are more water jets covering a larger area, and can feel like showering in the rain. Isn’t it strange that people don’t like getting caught in the rain, but they love rain shower heads?

As the owner of an inexpensive, yet well performing unit myself, I understand the hype.  You don’t have to contort your body to get sprayed down on by a small spray pattern from a conventional shower head and somehow the water streams feel softer.

Regardless of your shower head preferences, we can remove your old one, and install the new one correctly using teflon tape, so that it is leak-free and delivers that smooth, rainy feel every day. Or, if you like the shower head you currently own, but it’s leaking or not working properly, we can definitely give it a tune-up!

Is the water in your shower spraying in crazy directions, or do you have a lack of water flow?

Quick tip: Soaking your shower head in vinegar will unclog the holes and allow the water to flow like new again.
You can even do this without taking your shower head down!

Add vinegar to a ziplock bag (about half full), put the shower head in the bag, and use an elastic or string to tie the bag closed around the shower head. Leave it on overnight and see what a difference it’ll make.

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