Many times metal fences and railings develop cracks or break in places. Rather than replace the fence or railing altogether, we can repair it. We can also build sections to match the existing fencing or railing. We have portable equipment that allows us to repair your fence or railing on site.

If your fence or railings are rusty or need painting, we can prepare the surface and repaint the fence or railing to look as good as new.

The makeover above included all of these elements. Our client was looking to update her current railing to make it feel more modern. Instead of completely replacing a perfectly good railing, we worked with our client to come up with the new design. We removed the old diamond decorative pieces and inserted sections to maintain the structure/strength of the railing. We also removed the decorative handles located at the front of the step. Lastly, we removed all the rust spots and prepared and primed the railing for new paint. 

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